Adventures in Sac

This was a long and fun break from work--my younger sister came to visit me and we went on some pretty strange & awesome adventures.  Below was our first adventure --we decided to take a trip out to 'Rancho Seco' which is a recreation area around a decommissioned nuclear power plant just outside of Sacramento.


It was an eerily creepy area that definitely suited the location & history of the place!

For some reason we didn't think that it would be very far outside of the city so we spent the drive up joking about how weird, creepy, & lonely that road was --it looked like just the type of road people are murdered on in horror films (or creepy crime dramas--my favorite!) which only made the trip more fun.  When we got there it turns out it was a legit-managed recreation area (and by that I mean we had to pay $10 bucks to go in).  We ended up wandering a nice trail around a lake where several people were fishing & camping.

 It wasn't so creepy, except for the looming nuclear silos in the background--ahh nature! We have a weird sense of humor so we named it 'Sac-Chernobyl' & joked about glowing in the dark (although it was shut down as a precaution in the '80s and not be cause of an accident--but that makes a much less interesting story).


Here are the original sketches from my sketchbook--I fixed them up a bit but not much (I'm still figuring out drawing into Photoshop so right now the its easier to draw in my sketch book)--more to come! Happy Holidays!