Link Round Up

I'm going to start posting helpful links that I find periodically on the blog.  They could be anything from artistic tips, how to stay motivated in animation or art school or what I like to call 'animation theory' --or how we go about thinking about  making good scenes and characters.  I hope you find them equally as interesting & helpful!

  • On Fear for the Future and Navigating the Animation World After School Aron Shay -- Excellent, candid and honest answer to an ask about fear and going from school to the real world, good advice and inspiring for anyone struggling to find their place in animation after school--keep going!
  • Animation Practice, Process and Thoughts  Mike Nguyen -- This whole blog is filled with 'animation theory' about how he takes ideas and actions and turns them into living, breathing characters.  Seriously so helpful, if you're struggled to think about animation the right way, follow this blog to learn and be reminded how we're supposed to think when animating.
  • Love Thy Rock Mark Manson -- Not necessarily art related but struggle and passion and finding the thing that you should be doing in life and for a living by looking at what you want to struggle for rather than what you want to become good at--enjoy the process & the struggle 'Love Thy Rock' (inside joke from WHS AP core and an existentialist essay on Sisyphus)
  • Walt Disney Documentary PBS -- An excellent look into the life of Walt Disney and how he built his company, it feels like a balanced look at him and his life and shows the power of perseverance in the face of defeat--innovation comes from trying stuff and sometimes that stuff just doesn't work--Walt was okay with that :)
  • Kelley McMorris Blog Kelley McMorris -- full of beautiful art, process and thoughts on being a working illustrator--an excellent blog and resource! (Her blog gave me the idea for this post and how to revive my blog a bit :)--thanks!)