Where I'll be in 2019 (and where I’ve been..oops!)


I FORGOT TO POST THIS :( so I’m a little late —- Hi Everyone! Its been a little while for this poor blog—I’m sorry you’ve been neglected! The end of 2018 was a whirlwind and had a lot of new artwork going on! I loved it but it also left me pretty stressed & burned out, only to hit the ground running for 2019. So if you’re wondering where I disappeared to, I was just deep into making more art & animation!!

I have plans to talk about how my 2018 shaped up but I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, so that will have to be in its own blog. For this one I’d like to share some of the opportunities I’m working on now and where you can find me in 2019!


Attending Ground Zero Animation Expo last year really spurred me to be more active in the animation community and put myself out there more, rather than hiding behind my desk wondering if I was good enough. So when a Women in Animation mixer was scheduled for last Summer? early fall? (I’m not sure!) I took advantage and made the trek out to SF just to meet and talk animation with others!!! I ended up meeting an awesome studio working on a short film—yay! Anamon! A month or so after the mixer they contacted me to help with some Vis Dev work—its all volunteer right now but its an awesome experience with a production pipeline for 3D and they an excellent job of fostering teamwork & collaboration even across several countries! Right now, I’m working on some lighting keys for them — Its a challenge and I’m so glad that they’re emphasis is on education because I’m learning a lot and really being pushed in this position.


Last week I returned from the Alaska Robotics Comics Camp! It was an amazing experience I completely recommend to anyone feeling lost in their career and in need of a community. In Sacramento there’s not a whole lot of other illustration/comics/animation artists around so it was amazing to hear from others trying to build a creative career and also just get to know others in the industry! I met so many wonderful people and spent a week in a beautiful city, learning about its history, politics, and comics and I hope I can come back next year! I post a few photos and a short write up on my Patreon. Did I mention that I created a Patreon? Oh yeah, I did that too! Comics Camp definitely gave me the push I needed to ramp up my art as a business and just do it, cause no one knows what they’re doing anyways—try it, make it up as you go!

GROUND ZERO ANIMATION EXPO: (June 8 & 9th, Anaheim, CA)

This year I’ll be tabling at Ground Zero (and attending!!) its amazing I can’t believe this one either! If you haven’t heard of this convention, check out my previous blog post about my experience last year. It was excellent and a truly welcoming event with lots of room to talk to and learn from other artists. I can’t wait to be more involved this year and see what new things they’re bringing to this young convention! For my table I’m trying to get together more prints and an art book! (as well as some new animation—that’s a lot!)